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>> Thursday, April 17, 2008

With regards to my previous post, Love Is, I have to tell you those were some of the best fresh strawberries I have tasted in a very looooooooooong time.

How long has it been for you when you last had a fresh strawberry or even a fresh tomato that tasted as good as it looked? So often I’d pick some up (not always organic) because they looked so red and juicy only to get home and discover they have zero flavor. Maybe even the texture or scent of the fruit is off too.

Recently, I’ve seen/read various articles or headlines about eating organic foods – such as which fruits and vegetables (another article included meat) you should consider buying organic versus conventional, so you probably have seen these also.

Over at
123Raw there was a thread started about buying organic foods and Beppa, Empress of 123Raw, included a list of organic foods you should consider when at the grocery store or market.

I tried importing the list here so you wouldn't have to click on the link but I have no idea how to do that!

So if you checked the list strawberries are #6 as one of the worst fruits you can buy if not organic.

I have also read some “myths” about organic foods. That it’s a myth organic tastes better than conventional. I’m here to debunk the debunk! Maybe with some fruits and veggies you can't taste the difference but I know with organic strawberries and organic tomatoes I can definitely taste a difference. They taste real. They are sweet and juicy and just like they should be. How can organic NOT taste better than conventional?! Do people like the taste of chemicals and pesticides? I bet not. So that’s a dumb myth IMHO.

Now, in a perfect world all fruits and veggies would be pesticide-free and organic by its true definition and would also be affordable. But alas, they’re not. Sigh.

When it’s difficult to buy everything organic because it’s either not available or it’s too expensive hopefully this list will come in handy when/if you have to pick and choose.

We’re starting a garden that will be FULL of tomatoes and hopefully, sweet bell peppers too. Finding organic bell peppers has been tricky lately and when I do find them they are so stinkin expensive!

So anyway, I fell in love with those organic strawberries. One right after another was so sweet. Not gassed or whatever to look pretty for consumers but authentic. And at $4 a pound I thought it was a pretty sweet deal considering the conventional, flavorless ones weren’t much cheaper. Sweet indeed.

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