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Today’s post is about American Idol so for those who don’t watch or don’t care I give you permission to ignore this (like it was needed – hee hee). I just have to get something off my chest…

For those who do watch, I have one question to ask: Whaaat? Okay, maybe two. Why was
Michael Johns kicked off this past week? He’s the not the best or strongest singer of the bunch nor is he my favorite but come on! I hope I don’t offend anyone when I say this but he got kicked off before Brooke White?! That’s not to say she is a bad singer but she is B-O-R-I-N-G. And I’m sorry but sometimes the look that she makes reminds me of Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy.
Anyway, I liked Michael Johns and think he should still be on the show but whatever - America got it wrong.

I think Brooke should go next (can't believe she wasn't even in the bottom three), then
Syesha. Syesha is a beautiful girl who sings pretty well but nothing will put me over the edge quicker than hearing her imitating a baby cry. To me, that should be automatic grounds for dismissal. Okay, maybe I'm being harsh.

Kristy Lee Cook is like the little train that could. My hubby says she’s like Sanjaya from last season. Ha ha! I just think that each time she’s been in the bottom three the person who ends up being booted must despise her! And poor girl has more of a 'stache than David A. (snarky I know)! Maybe she should go before Syesha.
I have to agree with my sister these days that
David Cook is awesome. I’ve been liking him more and more. Will he win AI? No. He doesn’t fit the profile. He doesn’t seem the type that would be happy being locked into the AI life for however long he’d be obligated to beyond the tour. Just like Chris Daughtry from a couple seasons ago, David will find his own success. But you know? Won’t we all boo when he does leave the show? It won’t be fair I tell you!

Do I have a favorite this season? Not really. I like
Carly but agree she does look angry when she sings. And of course, you got the other David who is slated to win. I know I've said this before but whether you like him or not, he'll be the winner. It was obvious from the Top 24 (or whenever they started performing in front of an audience). He has a huge fan base and every show has the girls up front yelling in unison, “We love you David!” I tend to go back and forth with my opinion of Jason Castro. He’s a nice guy who sings well but tends to be blah at times and then sometimes he’ll sing a song so emotionally and pure.

Can I just pick on
Paula Abdul a bit too? Who dresses her? Like that time she wore those gloves or whatever they were and then that time (I think week before last) she wore what looked like a prom dress (it was blue) and then this past week she wore a dress that smashed her chest to bits (otherwise, I thought she looked pretty). And she over-accessorizes! I will say there have been times this season where (do I dare say?!) she’s MADE SENSE but she still seems to struggle when collecting her thoughts; like she’s trying really hard to sound intelligent. Sometimes I still shake my head and wonder what she’s talking about.

That’s my recap as I’m sure you were dying to know all of this. Hee hee! I love reality TV although don’t watch as much as I would like and maybe that’s a good thing. :)

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