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>> Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello my friends! Got a fun post for you today as it involves a giveaway. Now, before you get all excited and completely ignore my words, wait. Let’s have a chat. Don’t worry, you’ve got time to enter…and you have to see what this is all about anyway.

Are you familiar with Morrocco Method? If not, I’ve reviewed their products here and here. Me likey their hair products.

Morrocco Method was founded by Anthony Morrocco, who knows a thing or two about hair and holistic health. He’s been researching them for over 40 years! Anthony had seen a whole host of hair and scalp issues go untreated, unresolved when he began his career. Much of his knowledge and expertise comes from studying Ayurvedic and Chinese herbalism so when you combine that with modern science you’ve got Morrocco Method. His goal was/is to successfully treat hair and scalp problems and not just cover it up with more styling products or an expensive new ‘do.

All MM products are carefully designed to healthify (okay, not a real word but it works), strengthen, detoxify and nourish your hair no matter its needs. Each product contains the finest botanicals and minerals (92 trace minerals!) harvested from all over the world. (source)

MM supports fair trade, meaning farmers and workers and all others involved are paid fair and treated fair. So a typical product might cost a little more but you can be rest assured that all those involved in making that quality product was paid fairly.

“We have followed the principles of Old World farmers who understood that planting, harvesting and storing foods according to the lunar cycle maximizes the energetic potency of the plants.”

They also support sustainable natural resources. So not only is the product inside pure, but the packaging is recyclable. They do mention the use of Styrofoam in some packaging. It is reused/recycled, not purchased. They acquire it from packaging they’ve received so in turn they reuse it.

Also, no animal testing. They are a cruelty-free company. They don’t experiment on animals and they don’t purchase from companies or suppliers who test on animals either.

Speaking of animals, they have a line of raw vegan products for your pet! Well, if you have a dog or a cat or a horse.

Many of their products are raw and/or vegan (a few are bee-gan) and will help with whatever your hair type, needs, or conditions are; check out their useful website, too. You’ll find they offer more than just hair products.

Now, if you recall I recently gave you a history lesson on the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon. You can read it here.


Morrocco Method has introduced two new products: Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel and Styling Dragon Pomade.

See the connection now? It is the Year of the Dragon! And well-respected hair, too. :)

I haven’t used the gel but love the pomade. I use it in my hair every day and we even use it on YS2’s wild, long, beautiful coppery hair (sigh -- I love his hair). I trust MM for his hair.

The giveaway:

The fine people at Morrocco Method are generously offering one reader a very lovely prize package.

Winner’s choice of:
Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel or Styling Dragon Pomade + a shampoo/conditioner combo (full size)!

Believe me you don’t want to pass this up. Aaand…it’s OPEN TO ALL! Tell me that isn’t extremely generous!

To get started, click on ‘view comments’ below if you don’t already see the Rafflecopter widget. Read and follow the instructions.

Now go! Giveaway ends Friday, Feb. 10th!

Disclosure: I received a full size sample of the pomade for review but was not compensated in any way nor was I obligated to host this giveaway or to say nice things. Just 100% honesty in my opinion here folks. Your experience and opinions may differ.

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