Super Weekend

>> Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello super friends! It was a super weekend with super awesome weather here! It was practically spring! YS2 took a few bike trips outside.

Did you watch the Super Bowl? I did not. I love football but didn't care about either team. Sorry fans of either. Also, it helps if one has TV...we don't, by choice, so no game or commercials for me. I watched the halftime show online (tsk tsk MIA!). :)

So instead of watching the big game or eating tons of food, I was making raw onion bread. What's sad is I only had enough flax seeds for onion bread so I made a double batch. Not that I'm complaining mind you, I just was in the mood to make more raw stuff. Yeah, I could've gone to the store but I didn't feel like it. Actually, if Raw Vegan Source was open on Sunday, I totally would've gone shopping. You wouldn't believe how long my list is and now it's even longer. When I do go shopping in the near future, I'll have to close my eyes and cover my ears when it comes to the total.

horrible pic I know! It was literally snap and go. I purposely didn't post the 'before' pic because it looked like barf!

I make onion bread every so often. It's so easy and doesn't require many ingredients and they're usually ones i have on hand. Plus, it's a hit with my boys. Especially the munchkin, YS2. Seriously, 24 hours later I'm missing two trays of it.

So anyway, if you are in the mood for onion bread I really like the simplicity of Raw LouLou's version. I used tamari instead of nama shoyu and added in a 1/4 cup of nutritional yeast. Mmm!

If I had all of the ingredients for Sarahfae of Addicted to Veggies Chewy Graham Crackers I so would've made that too.

In fact, I realized I need at least two dehydrators. Wouldn't that be so awesome? I'd have one for savory eats and one for sweet treats.

One thing I've been in the mood for are flax crackers. Anyone have a good recipe or link?

I feel like Seinfeld at the moment. This post is a whole lot of nuthin'! But onion bread is good. I just didn't mean to make a whole post about 'em and then not have any decent pics to show. I've been really really wanting to get more into raw foods and this was my chance to blab about it. Forgive me?

Anyway, I want to make flax crackers. Help me out!

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