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>> Monday, March 14, 2011

The news coming out of Japan seems to get worse and worse by the minute, doesn’t it? I hate being an ostrich sometimes and ignoring important issues but it’s hard to see the images or hear the updates. I feel so horrible and helpless but keep praying for the people and their loved ones. If you’re still looking for ways to donate, please check out a list I put together here.

Now, to lighten the mood, time for some fluff.

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How is it when you run out of a staple in your kitchen you run out of everything else? I ran out of flax seeds but noticed we were out of a lot of other things too so I made a list and headed over to Raw Vegan Source (jealous?). It seemed easy enough but once I started piling things in my basket I noticed a few other things that were needed too. Okay, some weren’t needed but dang it, what’s the fun in shopping just for the necessities? *wink*

I didn’t take a picture of my loot but believe me it was a lot! Similar to my last major shopping spree, I picked up the necessities and then some. I got flax seeds, hemp seeds (bummer, they were out of hemp protein powder), maca, coconut butter, Sun Warrior protein powder (plain), coconut sugar crystals, coconut nectar, cacao powder, carob powder, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pistachios, Mac n’cheese crackers (I get these every.single.time. I go to RVS – one day I’ll make these myself but I didn’t get any macadamia nuts this time around), and for myself, spicy cheesy kale chips.

Phew, that’s a lot of stuff!

While I was there I sampled a couple of things (love samples!). Tom, the co-owner, brought out a sample drink of “chocolate milk” his wife, Susan made. It was so yummy and so decadent yet not heavy at all. It was wonderful and made with Chocolate Bliss. I would’ve bought some but at $50 per one pound bag, it’s a little too decadent for my pocket book. But one day…

I also sampled Café Gratitude’s I Am Great granola. Tasty but at $15+ per 12 ounce bag, I’ll pass on that too. I will point out though that buying directly from Café Gratitude’s website it’s cheaper at $12. Still more than I care to spend on cereal. I’ll make my own.

The kale chips I ate on my way home were okay. I think this is because I’m used to making my own now that these didn’t seem that great to me. I’d point out the brand name but I threw away the package and can’t remember the name but I think it’s one I’ve bought several times before and loved; I just can’t be certain. All the chips were basically crumbs in the bag. ;( In their defense, it’s gotta be pretty hard to keep kale chips from getting crushed but still I’ve had them where they were still somewhat whole. Anyway, a bit of a disappointment for me but they satisfied me in the moment.

We’ve been having some dreary weather these days. Ah well. Means it’s basically spring right? It just gets old real fast all the wind and the rain. I got caught in it yesterday while out with YS2, who kept laughing at me. Love that he can make me smile and remind me a little rain (or a lot) is just trivial and to enjoy the moment.

I had seen on Lauren’s blog her recent reviews on the probiotic drink, Kevita. I picked a couple up since they were on sale. I tried the lemon ginger, which at first was okay but grew on me. Hubby liked it right from the start. YS2 just liked all the faces I was making when drinking it. Ha ha! I have another flavor to try, original coconut, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Over the weekend, I received a couple of blog awards from other bloggers which I’ll post separately. More fun stuff to share!

Well, I certainly didn’t mean to make this post quite so long. Sorry! But thanks for reading.

Enjoy your Monday!

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