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>> Monday, March 22, 2010

Do you ever have one of those weeks that seems to get away from you? You wake up and *poof* the week’s over? Yeah, that was me last week. Weekend too. So so busy. Not anything in particular but just…was. I had blog posts started but gone unfinished (catching up on blog reading is a whole ‘nother beast), housework still to do (laundry never ends!), office work and of course, sunshine to be enjoyed. I did get to enjoy that wonderful sun with YS and YS2 in between those busy moments and at the end of the week, that’s all that really matters. Sweet memories.Happy spring everyone! It’s officially here! Yay! Hopefully, wherever you are the snow is finally melting and new life beginning with birds singing their glorious songs. Summer is my favorite season but nothing beats those first signs of spring you know? I feel so alive again, although, I have to admit we Pacific Northwesterners having been enjoying spring for some time now. We’ve enjoyed our bragging rights while we could since it’s not often we get to. Seems everyone is just now catching up to us. ;) I just hope we continue on this warming trend because gardening season is upon us and we want to reap the rewards! Photo: embroodles.com

Speaking of gardening, who’s gardening this year? We are again at the community garden (click
here for a pic of our garden last year - this season I hope to help out hubs). We have three plots to enjoy, which is about 1200 square feet in total. Wahoo! We’ll have YS2 “helping” out too. He’s not walking yet (phew!) but he will soon enough so I’ll need to find him some gardening boots. But gotta get him a gardening hat first. I found one at a lovely nursery yesterday but didn’t feel like spending $20 for it knowing he’d grow out of it before the season ended. So the hunt is on!

I finally bought
kelp noodles – spotted them at my local natural foods market (yes, IN THE STORE! Didn't have to search online or go out of my way to a specialty store to get them). I believe I’ve sampled these once and what I remember is that they were neutral, non-offensive tasting. Hee hee! This is a good thing; they’re supposed to be neutral and pick up the flavors of other ingredients. I have an idea of what I’d like to do with them so I’ll let you know how it pans out...or I might just try one of the twins' variations first.

Remember those Boomi and Prana bars I recently
reviewed? Weeellll…how would you like your shot at a gift pack? A gift pack consisting of a recycled Prana Bar tote, a Prana laynard, and full size samples of each of their Super Charger bars, actually make that two full size samples of each for a total of seven bars. Confession: a Prana bar thief intercepted two bars and promptly ate them not knowing these were meant for a giveaway. Whoopsie! I’m terribly sorry but hopefully this won’t deter anyone from entering the contest – there are two packs so each pack will be down just one bar. About the Super Chargers themselves, I personally haven’t tried them but have enjoyed the other bars (the thief did enjoy the SC bars though). The Super Chargers have a bit more sweetener in them, which I’m sure adds to the name. They look great to me!Divine Foods has generously offered gift packs for TWO WINNERS!

Contest rules (US residents only):


Tell me something that gets you “super charged!” Can be anything (i.e. recycling, hang gliding, a new relationship, etc)! Just keep it clean for the sake of others, please. For me, it’s snuggling with my little boy and looking into his beautiful baby blues – aww. --->
look into my eyes...
Extra credit – leave a comment for each:
• Go to the
Prana bar website and peruse their products (Boomi, Prana, Super Chargers) and share what other bars you’d like to try.
• Follow me on
• Tweet about this giveaway – be sure to include my twitter name
• Post about this giveaway on your blog, provide a link back (counts as 3 entries – leave a comment 3x).
• Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect.
• Subscribe to my blog via
FeedBlitz (counts as 2 entries – leave a comment 2x).
• Subscribe to my blog via other reader (i.e. Google).

***Leave a comment for each entry that applies***
Contest will end promptly at 11:59 PM (PDT) on Monday, March 29th. Winners will be announced sometime on the 30th. Make sure I have a way to contact you.

Good luck!


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