>> Friday, May 11, 2012

Breastfeeding a toddler.

Why is this news or still a controversy? I mean really. People get so up in arms about breastfeeding in public (I didn't too often but when I did I covered up - some don't cover up but I certainly don't find it offensive) or in this case, breastfeeding past an age some feel is appropriate. Really? Why do they care? Why does it matter? Who is it hurting? Honestly.

Bottom line: breastfeeding is healthy for both mom and child and creates an unbreakable bond. To ensure your child is getting all the nutrients and has a strong, healthy immune system breastfeeding is ideal (putting aside those who can't for various health issues or reasons, such as adoption).

People think these mothers who breastfeed for extended periods of time will continue to nurse their children into their pre-teen and teenage years. Get real and grow up.

General society and the media think we should forgo breastfeeding because of inconvenience or it's too painful and just feed babies formula or that we should automatically stop nursing by the time they're 9 months. I mean it's not normal if you don't. You're weird. A hippie. Your child will grow up to have issues. It's like porn.

It's only because other adults who aren't mature enough to mind their own business or think they know better than the mother (or anybody else for that matter) or don't know how to handle/accept what's different as not wrong are the ones who fuel this misconception and teach others to view it as abnormal. How can something innocent, healthy and beautiful be wrong?!?!

In an age where so many other controversial issues are dealt with and accepted (by large), breastfeeding a baby past a year is still way back there. Holistic health is way back there. Health eating is way back there. Ugh, it's so annoying.

All I have to say is to those are who question this is do your own research as to what's best for you and your child. If you don't like how another is doing things, MOVE ON (bunch of lookyloos)! It's not your life so stop judging and criticizing.

/rant (believe me, I could go on)

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