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>> Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I’m usually very basic when it comes my daily face cleansing routine. I’m smart enough to use a gentle organic oil to remove eye makeup but it’s not uncommon for me to use regular soap to wash my face (tsk, tsk). And I don’t know about you, but most soaps are extremely drying. I wear makeup during the week so I need something that’s effective and non-drying and well, regular soap doesn’t work, at least, not in all the right ways.

I recently had the chance to try some wonderful products from Farmaesthetics, specializing in natural herbal skincare. Founded by Brenda Brock and based in Newport, Rhode Island, all of their products are "100% natural, utilizing certified organic herbs, flowers, oils & grains from American family farms" [source]. Also, no animal testing.

These products are found and used at many resorts and spas around the world, including the Four Seasons Resorts and Spas. Impressive!

I wish I can remember where or from whom I first learned of Farmaesthetics, possibly a newsletter. Thanks whoever! I checked out their website and found many products I’d love to use.

Let me point out, that not all products are vegan. Some contain bee products. However, a lot of care and quality ingredients go into each one. You’ll find full disclosure on their website with the ingredient lists.

When I got the package containing the Fine Herbal Cleanser and Nourishing Lavender Milk, they’re well packaged btw; I was so excited to find they’re in glass jars. And they both smell wonderful. I like that they are in glass, one obvious reason is it’s non-toxic but the other reason? Feeling fancy!

Sure, I could make my own stuff but sometimes you’ve got to have a bit of luxury and a bit of fancy.

The cleanser cleans well without leaving your skin dry or feeling stripped. I don’t have to scrub and scrub either; in fact, I sometimes don’t use a washcloth but will just wash and rinse. Rinses well, too.

The moisturizer is nice and light, which is perfect for me. Most of the time I don’t use moisturizer because it’s either too heavy or greasy or just plain ol’ doesn’t work. This I can use under my makeup or alone and my skin feels great.

I will point out one ingredient the Nourishing Lavender Milk contains that I find to be interesting: borax, not to be confused with boric acid. Borax is one of those things that’s confusing as to its value, safety and place in beauty products (and household products for that matter). So do your research and decide for yourself if it’s okay or not in your beauty regime. Personally, I’d rather do without it so I don’t have to question or worry but my contact with borax is far and few between that I’m okay with it for the moment. That’s helpful huh? :)

But aside from that one ingredient, I enjoy Farmaesthetics products and love that there are many others (w/o borax) that are of high quality that would be great to have or address skin issues one might be experiencing. Their Rosehip & Clay Mint Mask and Hand to Heel Softening Salve and Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil all look good to try.

At first glance, one might experience sticker shock seeing some of the prices for various products but when you stop and think about the quality ingredients involved, they seem rather reasonable. I’m finding with the cleanser and moisturizer, they are long-lasting so again, the prices seems reasonable.

Overall, I’d recommend many of Farmaesthetics’ products and consider them worth the value. My skin feels smoother and is definitely a lot less dry despite our unusually dry and cold weather as of late.

If you try or have tried Farmaesthetics, I’d be curious what you thought.

Disclosure: I was provided full size samples to review but was not paid or expected to provide anything other than my honest opinion.

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