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>> Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have my four winners of the NuNaturals giveaway:

     #6  Emily follow @NuNaturals on Twitter
     #35 Nancy "Like" Hihorosie on Facebook
     #9  Christy "Like" Nunaturals on Facebook
     #23 sharanya "Like" Hihorosie on Facebook

Woo hoo! Congrats to all of them! I would like to point out that 3 2 of the 4 winning entries (I had to update one winner) were for "liking" my facebook page (winners were selected 100% at random -- honest!). So there's something to liking my page....heh heh. Just a thought...

Anyway, if you didn't win and would still like the chance to try some NuNaturals for free, here's how you can get in on the action:

NuNaturals is offering free samples to all Continental US readers. Just send them a self-addressed, stamped #10 envelope to this address:

NuNaturals, Inc.
2220 West 2nd Ave. # 1
Eugene, OR 97402

Also, just to remind you they are running a special discount on all future orders only available from ordering through their website:

When you go to their website's checkout page, enter this code: BLG1211 to receive a SPECIAL DISCOUNT of 15% off your total order. Ordering from their website you'll also receive free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. on orders totalling $35.00 or more, after the special discount.

Offer ends December 31, 2011.

Quick reminder, the Wayfair giveaway ends today! I suggest liking my facebook page to increase your chances. ;)

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