>> Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Holidays, friends! We are in process of decorating our home with holiday cheer. In fact, today, we finally found our tree. Yippee! And it only cost $38 -- score! Darn good deal since most lots we went to charge $85 or typically more for a noble fir of the same size (about 8+ feet). Plus, I got a fresh wreath for our door. Smells so incredible!

Why is it when you’re at a tree lot and find the “perfect” tree you bring it home only to find it’s, well, less than perfect? Suddenly, you notice how one side it’s not as full or even or the branches are a little funky or with this tree, the trunk is crooked so getting it to appear straight was a challenge. Mostly for Sam, because it was way too heavy for me to maneuver. Anyway, I say it’s got character and now that it’s finally in place, leaned this way and that way, and turned once or twice, and moved here and there, it’s now perfect and ready to decorate.

A year ago, which seems like a blink in time, our tree was half decorated to keep breakables away from tiny hands and strands of lights were hanging off. Obviously, not safe from tiny hands. Tee hee! Since then, tiny YS2 has grown so much (he’s pretty much outgrown all his baby strollers *sniff*) that I hope it’ll be less of a challenge keeping not-as-tiny hands away this year. He still is fascinated with lights but knows to not pull the strands, or so he says. He will soon be tested…

To show off my little tot and how much he’s grown, here he is cruisin’ on his bike the other day, hence no need for a stroller.

Wasn’t that long ago he was just learning how to ride it and now, he’s a pro on this thing! I highly recommend a prebike.

Now, for a few random topics and pics.


Love how this leaf was literally blown into the bark of this tree; hanging out until the next wind blows him away elsewhere.

I’ve mentioned before getting a new juicer (I’ll show it off another day) so I’m trying to get back into frequent (daily is the goal) juicing. Not a juice fast/feast but more as a supplement or one meal replacement. It’s hard during the winter sometimes but to make things a little easier, I created a juice kit, where I have everything washed, trimmed and ready to go, including the container it's in will be used. Although, I’ll cut up the apples just before I juice them.

We’ve been having a houseguest lately:

You can read more about him and his friends here.

Also, I’ve got at least two more giveaways coming up, including one for NuNaturals. But checkout the one I have going on now for a Shabby Apple skirt.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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