Window Shopping: the sustainable way

>> Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Howdy kids! I think I've got my head in the clouds today.

I want this:

photo from
 Highlights of this award-winning bike:
  • Made from organic biodegradable flax fibers
  • Covered with water soluble paint
  • Internal lighting in the frame (no batteries!)
  • The fenders and handle grips are made from bamboo
  • Tires made by Schwalbe (whoever that is but sounds impressive) with recyclable rubber inside
  • A 9-speed Shimano drive train (again, whatever that means but must be cool) with Schwinn custom designed components
  • Not cheap (estimated at $1200)
You can read more about it here or see more pics here.

I want these shoes:

Who doesn’t love Tom’s? These are just too cute! With these on, I’d end up taller than my hubs. Don’t think he’d mind though. ;)

And this dress:

And hmm…they (Shabby Apple) just so happens to be having a sale (20% off) going on right now through the end of July. Sweet!

I want this too:

With this next to it:

Made from cattail and reed. I just want to lounge with a refreshing beverage with a tiny umbrella next to me near the blue-green water (and not in the reeds like in the first pic)…

Okay, back to reality, er, maybe this is my online dream board. :)

For those who like to daydream too and win free stuff I have a giveaway coming up soon you'll want to check back for.

P.S. This post was not sponsored by anybody. I seriously was daydreaming about these things as I happened across them in email or elsewhere. They're fun dontcha think? Well, I think so which is why I posted this. Just for fun. Yippee!

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