Review: Tropical Trad Hair Oil

>> Friday, July 8, 2011

Today, I’ve got a review for you of Tropical Traditions Organic Hair Oils. I received a sample a couple months ago so my sincere apologies for my tardiness of this post. It probably works out better this way as I was able to use the hair oil for a while before posting.

I have naturally curly/wavy hair. Now, before you get all green with envy let me explain my hair. It does what IT wants, it gets frizzy, ends get dry and become unmanageable at times, and sometimes it’s just a real pain. I’ll also confess I’m not good with hair. When I first get it cut, I’ll make an effort and style it for about two weeks then it seems to find its way pulled back into a ponytail. Easy, done - not stylish but it's done.

However, the not really taking good care of my hair and drying it fast on high heat and/or using the flat iron can cause some damage and dryness. I tend to use a lot of conditioner so I was very interested in trying the hair oil.

You can use this in different ways but the way I use it is after I’ve shampooed and rinsed my hair, I apply a small amount (a dime size or less) to the ends – actually, from my ear line to the ends – and leave it in. No rinsing. I then dry and style (word used loosely) as normal. I do this about 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I do flat iron my hair and when I do, this makes a great serum to control those whispys and keep the ends soft.

So using this for some time now I figured out how it works best for my hair. When I first used it I used too much and in areas not needed (scalp). And found I only need to do this once in awhile, not everyday, otherwise it starts to weigh down – I mean it is oil after all.

It’s made with all organic ingredients and not with anything that doesn’t need to be there like alcohol, propylene glycol, sulfates, etc. They list the ingredients on their website so you know exactly what’s in it.

I recommend the Tropical Traditions Organic Hair Oils – it’s been helpful to have in my hair care rotation. Way healthier than so many other alternatives out there. It's great on all hair types and can be used in different ways on dry or wet hair.

An 8 oz bottle is normally $27.50 for unscented and $28.00 for rosemary or lavender but all are on sale right now for $18.99-$19.50. It seems high but when you think about how little you’d use each time (a little goes a long way!) it’s a good deal.

Thanks Tropical Traditions!

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