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>> Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello friends! Hope you all enjoyed a sparkly fun 4th! Or Canada Day (on 1st) for some of you…or just a two-day weekend for others...

It was a good weekend here with lots of sunshine! Wait, did I say sunshine? Here? In Western Washington? Yes! We had sun and lots of it (ok, there was one sorta cloudy day and some rain one night) – and heat! Some will say it was a scorcher (80 degrees). I wouldn’t go that far but it was so nice to be out and about in warm weather again. It was much needed and much appreciated here. No doubt our garden has been soaking up the rays.

I noticed over the weekend some of you have entered yourselves in the 5 in 5 contest. Woo hoo! Good for you! With a few of you whose blogs I follow regularly, you’re making this vote particularly difficult for me.

For those not familiar with this contest, entrants submit a video of their recipe that involves five main ingredients in five minutes or less – 5 in 5.

Here are three videos from blog friends I follow regularly (the number is their entry number):

#19: Robyn of Girl on Raw (see video here) with her sidekick, Manus, making a cameo appearance (he is so adorable!) – her spicy kelp noodles look so good. I must try!

#20: Shannon Marie of Rawdorable (see video here) – her banana split looks so easy to make and the perfect tasty treat for summer.

#30: Samantha aka Rawkin Mom (see video here) – party cucumber slices with nut cheese made in a nut grinder. Talk about easy cleanup! And I love her Michigan accent.

There is some serious competition here – so many videos submitted, including one from cutie raw kid, Louis (#35).

I love to support my fellow raw foodies but have to admit this is a tough one! I won’t confess who I’m voting for but it is one of the three ladies above and I hope these lovelies know I love them and wish only the best for each of them. Good luck!

Now, if you’re interested in checking out all the videos submitted go to Or vote for one of my faves above. :) Assuming you’ve never voted before, when you do vote you will receive a free ebook of all the recipes submitted for this contest. Also, with this particular contest, your vote (name) will be entered in a free drawing. You can read about it on their website.

Vote now through July 15th and good luck to all those who entered!

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