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>> Saturday, August 15, 2009

I recently did a review on some coconut milk I found at Whole Foods that I need to update (it can also be found at PCC if you're in the Seattle area). My original review was based on the vanilla coconut milk only; they have original and unsweetened that I had yet to sample. The vanilla I will continue to say is AWESOME! I love that stuff. It's great mixed with chocolate almond milk too. YUM! Anyway, it's obvious that the vanilla flavored one is very popular as a couple of times they've ran out so I decided to try original.
I didn't care for it at all - bleh. It tasted funky, like chemicals or something, possibly from the added vitamins and whatnot??? Maybe I just got a bad one. I have no idea other than it wasn't very tasty. I'm not brave enough to try it again to see if it was just simply a bad one and I don't plan on trying the unsweetened because what if it's funky too? I'll stick with the vanilla one. I went to buy a carton yesterday but they were out. :( I'll try again today. If any of you have tried original or unsweetened I'd be interested in knowing what you thought of it.

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