Review Time!

>> Sunday, July 5, 2009

What? You mean this isn't about YS2??? ha ha! My review of Caleb is that he is top notch! But seriously this is about something else. As you know life for us is a little crazy these days with a newborn so Sam does more of the grocery shopping than I do. We sometimes take turns. But on one of his trips to Whole Foods he came home with a carton of coconut milk (vanilla) by Turtle Mountain/Purely Decadent. Hmmm...wasn't sure about this. He poured me a glass to sample and mama mia! was this yummy!! It's about the same price as a carton of organic cow milk (I think - haven't bought that stuff in a long time so don't quote me) and way tastier! They also have yogurt made with coconut milk. I highly recommend the vanilla and pina colada flavors. :) Their "ice cream" is pretty tasty too...especially if it involves peanut butter. Okay, not really raw but tasty nonetheless. It's just great to see that there are more alternatives becoming available - just wish they weren't so darn expensive some of them, including produce!! Anyway, side rant...Glad to have found some coconut milk that I can enjoy by the glass or in my granola. Fresh young coconuts around here are too expensive these days and sometimes not good inside so buying a carton of it once in awhile is way better IMO. I hear in Idaho you can buy a Thai coconut for less than a dollar. WTH? Why can't we have prices like that here in Seattle? Whatever. Anyway, I keep getting off track with my irritation for high prices of things. Time to relax and enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend. Enjoy!

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