Springing Forward

>> Monday, July 13, 2009

Spring has sprung and now summer is well upon us. Ah spring. A time for change, new directions, cleaning and re-evaluating. I missed out on spring somewhat because I was busy with other things. ;) I'm at a point now where I'm ready to make some changes that had changed during pregnancy -- if that made sense. While I was pregnant, I ate a fair amount of cooked while still eating some raw foods. Now I'm starting to feel that I'm ready to get back in the game (helps that YS2 is sleeping more at night -- three nights in a row it's been 6 or more hours at a time -- Yeehaw!). The raw game that is. I plan on easing back into it as I'm still nursing but with the help of Yardsnacker, I'm having more fresh juices, raw fruits/veggies and those yummy green smoothies. Along with that change, I'm trying to exercise, get out in the fresh air more. This seems to bode very well with YS2. He comes home all tuckered out and sleeps really well through the nights we've done this. I wanted to spell this out more for me than for those of you reading this. It commits me. It gets me more excited about the path I'm venturing on. It even got me excited to blog again! Not that I didn't want to blog but life has prevented me from doing much with it but I do feel a renewal with it because of my new goals. Anyway, those are my thoughts. Now, here are some pics from today's walk (and no, I won't do this every day - ha ha!):

Friends we met along the way:

Anyone know what kind of tree this is?

Please don't yell at us for his straps.

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