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>> Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hey-ho everyone! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, can you believe it? Where has this year gone?! Want to wish little Baby A a happy birthday tomorrow! She's one. Aww!

Par for course, it's definitely Thanksgiving time here in the Pacific Northwest because since Monday it's been a soggy mess. Pretty much every Thanksgiving (maybe the same elsewhere?) the storms set in. And it seems in an instant there are now more leaves on the ground than on the trees. Just last week, there were still a ton yet to fall. Show's over, I guess. If you're traveling, please be safe!

So to remember those crisp beautiful fall days we had just not too long ago, here are a few pics:

reminds me of Charlie Brown for some reason

YS2 was a little nervous about this swing, in due time he will be racing to it

Got a funny story to share. Sam and YS2 worked on a fun project recently where they made bird food suets. We have a store-bought one, which you know, has funky ingredients. Anyway, after it was made and set, a chunk was placed in the little suet cage and hung outside next to the other suet. Birds love both but it's nice to see they really love the homemade one (do little chickadees need rendered beef fat???).

One morning I noticed the cage to the homemade one was open and the suet had fallen onto the deck, which is on the second floor. Hmm...curious but figured the latch just came undone but I left it for Sam to fix later (lazy? yeah, but it was cold out!). I'd forgotten all about it until a few hours later. When I looked outside it was GONE! Huh, what? Where would the big chunk of heavy suet go? Who could possibly take it? The birds we get are really small and with the deck on the 2nd floor, there are no animals large enough running around that could jump up there so that leaves the squirrels, I think. Squirrels or one beefcake squirrel apparently made off with the suet. Tsk tsk! Can you believe that? I knew they were crafty and clever but didn't realize they're so strong too. Oh well, at least we know they're well-fed and that it was a tasty treat. Crazy thieving critters.

Because there's not a whole lot to do outside with it raining so much or previously, being so cold, YS2 and I often visit the kitty shelter. He loves animals and especially kitties and puppies. At this shelter, he's able to interact with and pet the kitties (he's still learning how to do these things properly -- hee hee). Most of these kitties are so sweet I wish I had huge property to rescue them all! But at least I know they're being taken care of here and are often adopted.
getting the hang of the kitty toys

brother or sister?

sister or brother?
this one is so sweet and pretty

There's one kitty, Lucie, who is either feral or had some things done to her before coming here because it's not often she allows you too close -- it's like once she realizes hey I don't know you, she socks ya! She won't use her claws but you will become her punching bag most times. It's actually kinda funny seeing kitty paws move that fast.
Lucie hiding
Got more things coming up for you but this is all for today. A special Thoughtful Thursday is coming your way tomorrow being Thanksgiving and all. :)

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and hopefully, a long weekend at that. Some real craziness begins now right? If you're one to brave the crowds on Black Friday, just know I think you're nuts! heh heh! Enjoy it all!

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