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>> Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello friends! I wanted to say thank you so much for the birthday wishes and the support and kind comments on my ups and downs post. I had a great birthday even though it started out a bit rough when we witnessed a single car crash. Fortunately, all persons will be okay (phew). I am making a little progress on my "get movin'" goals (baby steps, right?) -- more on that later but not in this post.

Now, onto today's post...

[warning: lots of pictures]

This post is long overdue but hey, why not relive some past moments anyway? The weather has turned so nature walks with YS2 (more like strolls with the occasional sprint when you've got a tot) aren’t as frequent in the evening but here’s a sampling of some of our walks from this summer and early fall…

let's go!
hot air balloon in the distance -- it actually appeared closer but the lens on my cell isn't that great. this eventually landed where we were. I would've taken pictures then but we were already in the car.

taking a break

that's a big leaf

as evidenced on his face, YS2 loves wild blackberries

sorry if you're seeing this more than once (I posted to twitter) but got to see a double rainbow the other day

this tree is appraised at $13,300 -- never seen that before
see the little birdie?
again, the moon was closer but my camera makes it seem farther away -- still a pretty moon-rise
a boy + water + rocks + dirt = happiness

he looks so small -- love

some randomness...

nature imitating nature: stuff (technical term) fallen from a tree -- looks like a dragonfly!
someone was busy lining these pinecones up (no, it wasn't us)
random to me -- the only flower around so I wondered if it was planted by a person or the wind
this wasn't really on our walk but it's still random -- that must've taken a long time to do! Can you imagine having to take it all off before it rains?
the end!
Thanks for joining us on our little adventure walks.

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