>> Friday, October 28, 2011

So I've been thinking lately about my future castle home. Lots of land, a wraparound porch...but the first thing I think (daydream) about is the kitchen. Who doesn't right? I may not be a stellar chef but I do like being in the kitchen, just not doing dishes. Anyways...

My kitchen would be kickin'! The Kickin Kitchen. I have always wanted my kitchen to have a built-in space, like a cubby-hole, for my dehydrator. Is that weird? Nah. There'd be lots of counter space, cupboards, and drawers; a huge walk-in pantry, an extra-large refrigerator (there’s never enough room as it is it seems) and a cozy breakfast nook.

Maybe even something like this wood bar counter?


I do want a counter bar of some sort, which means, I'd need some barstools from here. The kitchen seems to be the heart of the home so a bar and barstools would be ideal. I love it when everyone hangs out in the kitchen -- usually watching you (or whoever) cook or wash dishes.

Not sure what my ultimate style would be but I have a few in mind...

Of course, with the barstools I’d conveniently place my new juicer front and center. Belly up to the juice bar guys!

More on my new juicer coming up soon. I’m off to dream a bit more of my future kickin kitchen.

What’s in your dream kitchen?

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