If I had three thumbs...

>> Saturday, December 6, 2008

...I'd give three thumbs up to each of these products below.

Have any of you tried Laughing Giraffe's Vanilla Almond Snakaroons? We found our first package at Whole Foods but our raw vegan store also carries them. Oh boy these are snarfalicious! Yeah, sure you can probably make these yourself for a fraction of the price but I'm not sure they'd be as tasty besides it's fun to buy something a little more decadent. We pick these up from time to time as a special treat for ourselves. I just wish these stores would stock more of them because they go fast! They taste kind of "buttery" not sure that's the best description but these macaroons have a richness to them that's different and better from standard macs. The first time I tried these I nearly fainted. Okay, not really but they're that good.

Now, on to raw chocolate. I've tried different brands - some tasty ones and not-so tasty ones. Today, we were at the Raw Vegan Source (the raw vegan store we frequent here) when they literally received their 1st package of Gnosis Chocolate by Chocolate Girl, aka Vanessa
(many of you may know her on GITMR). Oh I couldn't wait to try these since I've heard so much about them on GITMR and elsewhere. So I can say we were the first of their customers to ever purchase Gnosis Chocolate from their store. My first taste was of the Cool Peppermint. I love mint with my chocolate so this was a must-try and believe me, you will not be disappointed if you like dark chocolate and mint. Not too minty and not too sweet and the chocolate itself was creamy and smooth. Not bitter at all! That is the #1 plus for me when it comes to dark chocolate. We also picked up the Simplicity bar which is your "basic" dark chocolate bar - it's not basic in flavor. Again, just creamy and smooth without any fancy flavors added. If you get a chance to try these DO!


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