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>> Monday, December 1, 2008

Sorry for the absence dear friends and thank you for your concern as well. I'm truly fine. I don't have much of an excuse for not posting or visiting many of your blogs other than taking it easy. I had full intentions of catching up on all my blog reading over the Thanksgiving weekend but obviously that didn't happen. I've been working a little more these days trying to get all of my work done so I can take lots o'vacation through the holidays but it's challenging at times. My downtime consists of just chillin and not much action. I know I've said I'll be by your blogs and I mean it; I'm just slow these days.

On to the update:

My belly is G-R-O-W-I-N-G! It's all good though. I've only gain like 7-8 pounds over these four+ months but I feel at times like I've gained 20! Depending on what I wear can you tell I'm pregnant - just beginning to show really. I did have to invest in a belly band and some maternity clothes because regular pants were becoming uncomfortable. People who know I'm pregnant can see the changes, strangers or acquaintances might just think I'm a little chubby. ha ha!

This morning I noticed something with my hands: veins. They were HUGE! You know with the increased blood volume coursing through my veins no wonder they were bulging. It was was fascinating and gross at the same time. Now they seem pretty normal. Phew!

At my last ob appointment, the assistant was in charge of finding baby's heartbeat. Kudos to her for finding it (snap!) just like that. She noted while listening to the loud beats that we have "a strong baby." I love that! What I love more though is hearing the heartbeat. Since I can't see or feel a baby just yet hearing those heartbeats mean the world to me.

Speaking of feeling baby, I should be feeling those karate kicks soon! Also, we hope to learn the gender of little bebe sometime this month. I'll adjust the poll I've got going when the appt is set. You'll all be the 2nd to, 3rd or whatever. :)

So in the end, me and baby are strong and well. Yay! With special thanks to my hubby I think we're doing everything right so far. I can't complain much - I mean no morning sickness, no major discomforts, etc. Sure, I get tired, sometimes cranky, sometimes an occasional backache - oh and congestion! I got a stuffy nose but I guess that comes with the territory. What's funny with that is when hubby and I went to the garden a couple weeks ago to put it to sleep for the winter (a future yet belated post), I started getting the sniffles - I mean as soon as we got there, sniff sniff. I thought it was some sort of allergy to the garden (i.e. mold). By the next day it seemed I had some sort of horrible head cold but all in my nose. I blew my nose so much the skin got chapped. Beautiful. Turns out I had swollen mucous membranes. Mmm... Anyway, I still get stuffy on occasion but it's not severe like the first time so that's good. But really, aside from that this has been a really good pregnancy and I'm very appreciative. To the mothers who've had hellacious pregnancies I applaud you for perserving and toughing it out - just don't hate me.

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