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>> Monday, November 3, 2008

To start, thank you all who've left many well wishes and supportive comments on the news of our expanding family. You truly are the best. Many of you have asked how I'm feeling these days so here's an update:

Everything on the pregnancy front is GOOD! Can't complain much really. No morning sickness for this girl however I've had my fair share of bloatiness (I know not a real word). Too often I have that feeling of I'm (sorta) hungry but
nothing sounds good. Hubby helps me out (a lot!!!) making sure I'm getting food in my tummy. It's not easy sometimes I'm sure because when I do eat I feel so full. Ridiculously full. Other times though, gimme food! ha ha! But really things have been going really well.

And for those wondering, I haven't been strict with my diet as far as being vegan or veg
etarian although many times it is vegetarian but other things that aren't so vegan sometimes find their way onto my plate. But I'm also not going about with the mentality of "eating for two" (it's not even possible anyway!) or eating burgers and fried fat. Bleh. We are still trying to keep it healthy, which usually includes something raw and just going with the flow. Maybe as my appetite improves I'll do more raw and less cooked but for now it's whatever baby dictates.

Trips to the doc (midwife) have been positive. We're going to an awesome birthing center with great great people. I mean everyone is so nice, including the other "clients" (they don't call us patients). They take their time with you at each appointment and answer all your questions without feeling rushed. And they do what you want to do with your pregnancy and birth, which is very comforting.

They completed my lab work this last time and everything came back A-OK except for my iron levels. Way too low. No surprise really. First, most people who know me know my iron levels are on the low side to begin with. Some of you might be familiar with my blood donating attempts and having low iron posted here and here. And second, being pregnant...well, if I wasn't getting enough iron to begin with then being pregnant I'm certainly not getting enough now that I need more. Ugh! Even before we knew this outcome, Sam's been wonderful making me meals that are rich in iron so lots o'spinach and other greens (kale anyone?). But to ensure I'm truly getting enough iron I took the advice of my midwife and picked up some liquid iron. Not exactly tasty but not offensive either. And hey, it's all plant-based and easy on the body.

Now we're working on making sure I'm getting enough protein. Hubby just picked up some hemp protein powder so we'll be incorporating that into both of our diets actually. I don't think I was one who needed a lot of protein daily before pregnancy but now I do.

So many things to remember or be mindful of now that you have to think about the life growing inside you. Making sure you get enough iron and protein and taking your prenatals, getting enough sleep or rest, eating. Again, so so so thankful for hubby. He is my gem and I'd be helpless without him. I love you honey - more and more every day. I think my heart is about to burst!

So at my last appt, we got to hear little babe's heartbeat! Oh my gosh! Didn't go there expecting that to happen but wow, can't even describe the emotions I felt. I was overwhelmed. It was beautiful and special. We only got to hear a few beats here and there as baby was moving around not liking the intrusion.

I want to give a special shout out of thanks to my beautiful SIL and sweet Angela for their gifts to me. These books will keep me busy and well-informed - I need all the help I can get! So thank you ladies! I love you! Also, another shout out of thanks to Annie. You are a dear and very thoughtful as well. Much love to you!

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