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>> Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hi Everyone! Happy 4th of July! For me, it's time for a stay-cation to relax and play and sleep and whatever else I need to catch up on.

Speaking of catching up, here are some pics I took in late April when YS2 and I went to a local botanical garden. I love gardens and this one was simply magical to me. I actually used my digital camera instead of my cellphone so the quality is an improvement from my usual here.

Because I had so many pictures and not wanting to bore those who may not be interested or wanting to see them all, I'm posting as a slideshow from my Flickr account (and there's many more not included!). Funny thing is, I couldn't remember my original Flickr account info it's been so long so I had to re-register.

Oh, and guess what? Little YS2 finally got his first haircut! He was 3 years and 44 days old...

even though it looks like he was really crabby, he actually wasn't :)

I nearly lost it when those first snips happened but I managed to keep it together. He was so good during the whole thing, never wiggly or crying. It helped he was distracted with Thomas the Train videos but even when those weren't playing, he was a good kid.

I miss those long curls but his new cut suits him.

Well, my friends, I hope you all have a safe and happy Independence Day or for those outside of the US, a happy 4th of July! I'll be back with more posts.

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