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>> Sunday, October 24, 2010

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We took Caleb to the mall the other night just for fun – window shopping and people watching. I always enjoy that and I know Caleb had fun. We let him walk around a bit, albeit carefully. He still hasn’t taken to wearing shoes so he was walking around in his socks. Although, Sam found him some shoes at Target he would finally wear. Looks like a great fit to me. What do you think?

 At the mall:

Bummer thing is, less than 12 hours later, he woke up with a cold. His first ever! Pretty remarkable though dontcha think? I mean his first cold/illness at 17.5 months. Not too shabby. Not sure if it was the mall trip he got the cold from or from someplace else or even from me. I thought I was coming down with a cold a few days ago but it never turned into anything so I can’t say. On top of that, he’s teething again (canines are coming in-woo hoo!). Really though, he’s a tough guy and he’s so patient and so good that even his worst days are pretty tame.

He woke up the next day (today) feeling so much better! Phew! And yay for homeopathy. Some people don't believe in the stuff, but I do.

This post isn’t meant to be all about lil Yardsnacker but hey, he’s my pride and joy. Can’t help it. :)

So while at the mall, we spotted a lovely window display:

I love flying kitties. Who doesn't?! I had to share this knowing you'd love it too. It still makes me giggle.

The other day, the lovely Vegan Lisa on twitter mentioned making a warm salad inspired by the lovely Angela of Oh She Glows. It involves chickpeas, tahini, red onions and butternut squash. Yum! Lisa’s version used sweet potato in place of butternut. Even more yum!

Growing up, the only time I really remember having sweet potato was at Thanksgiving time. We didn’t have the typical version of sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top but if it were up to me as a kid, you betcha we would’ve had lots of marshmallows! Nowadays, marshmallows are not required but I sure do love sweet potatoes and not just for Thanksgiving. So when I saw Lisa’s version of Angela’s salad I said I must try.

So glad I did too! Oooh, yummy! I followed Angela’s recipe with the exception of sweet potato. However, the canned tomatoes I had weren’t really that great so I added a little bit of leftover sketti (aka spaghetti) sauce to the dressing. Is that weird? Probably but it still worked. I don’t really care for store-bought canned tomatoes but if I had some homemade canned tomatoes that would’ve been ideal.

For leftovers, I wish I had extra dressing for it but it was still tasty. YS2 certainly thought so. He ate most of the chickpeas. Ha! Guess I'll be making this again.

Can you believe next week is Halloween?! Got any plans; dressing up? I better find Caleb his costume. ACK!

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