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>> Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our summer garden is winding down. However, Yardsnacker is working on prepping it for some winter gardening. Yeah, you read that right. A winter garden. Lettuce, kale, peas, and lots more. So while this may be my last post about our summer garden (or maybe one more, we'll see) you will still see some future garden posts throughout the winter.

We are still harvesting strawberries. I mean, like at least a couple of pints every two days. Most of the time they don't last the trip home. We just inhale eat them right there in the garden. Homegrown strawberries don't last long anyway before they start to get mushy after a few hours it seems so it's best to just eat right away. Just doing my part to make sure they don't go to waste (Caleb too).

YS2 snacking in the garden

YS2 snacking at home: The Aftermath

Maybe you know this but there are rules for growing strawberries in their first year. Like snip off the runners and don't harvest, all to encourage root development. Runners were kept under control but the harvesting...well, you see the evidence above. ha ha! Well worth it too!

Our artichokes really took off! We gave some to a neighbor but are going to let some go to seed. We've never grown them before so we're just experimenting a bit.

Some weed-wackin' going on in the background

We discovered a rogue striped beet so washed it up and gave it to YS2. Another snack he enjoyed. I love that he loves most foods we give him to try. I don't normally like raw beets myself unless they're juiced but I sampled our one beet and thought it was kinda tasty!

We've also harvested quite a few potatoes. I don't remember the varieties that were planted but I do know that homegrown potatoes taste über delish! They're great in stews and hold up really well (not all mushy).

Here's a bucket o'taters - please excuse the sour candy wrapper in there. It's not ours (honest!). I just didn't get it to the trash before snapping this pic. Notice the jalapenos in there too. And a couple carrots.

What's up doc?

We got PUMPKINS! Not the orangey jack-o-lantern kind but they are huge (seriously, camera does not do it justice). Last I checked, there were at least four big ones (twss) and a few more smaller ones. I think we'll have full bellies throughout the winter from these alone. I also think we'll be making all kinds of pumpkin things - ideas welcome.

One thing I love about community gardening are the friendly and giving people. Most are willing to share their abundance. Or make you things. One gardener harvested our lavender (it's been harvested 3-4 times now and just keeps blooming!) and made us some salve. She also gave us these:

lemon cucumbers

Again, YS2 loves these cucumbers! I do too. Very refreshing - typical cuke. ;) Julia of Easy Eco to Go recently talked about these on her blog. Cute little things don't ya think? Maybe next year we'll grow our own.

Another thing I love about gardening, or just being outdoors is looking UP. The sky is so beautiful and I love seeing the birds (besides the thousands of crows) soaring above. I get to see eagles and hawks and sometimes cranes (blue heron maybe?) and many other beautiful birdies. But besides the flying critters, the clouds and sun always amaze me.

One thing I will say that I don't like about gardening or summer, my favorite season, for that matter (I can't believe I just wrote that) is ALLERGIES! Holy [bleep] they suck! We narrowed it down to what it is I'm allergic to. Chenopods. Dummy me, I was manhandling them, not knowing what they were, admiring their flowers (hey, look how pretty!) while I was picking strawberries. Yeah, not good.

Lil YS2 is a wonderful garden helper. Okay, maybe not exactly helping but he loves to be there and go exploring, which means a very dirty boy by the time all is said and done!

Look what I found mama!

And can't forget some piggies! These are dirty garden piggies on their way home. Tis a good day when that happens.

Speaking of piggies though. I cannot for the life of me get shoes on this boy! One of his online aunties (hi Lisa! if you're reading this) gave him a pair of red Chuck's when he was born. For the longest time, his feet were too small for shoes but now, he wants nothing to do with them. And when I can sort of get them on he curls his toes. Anyway, "i has a sad" because these shoes no longer fit and he never wore them. Aren't they so Caleb though?

Well, time to put this post to rest, much like our summer garden. But there are those pumpkins and strawberries. A few more left to pick I'm sure. Winter gardening awaits. But for now, ta ta!

A few more gems

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