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>> Sunday, February 15, 2009

I have another product review to share with you. This time by Oh Nuts! I tried their raw organic walnuts. I don't particularly like walnuts by themselves but I knew the almonds were definitely pasteurized and cashews are so tricky, plus we already had some at home. I also thought walnuts would be a good selection to try since hubby likes them in his salads and I like them when they're pulverized and used in something such as taco "meat." Hmm, maybe I'll share the recipe with you...later though. :)

When we received them, they were fresh and tasty but one of hubby's first thoughts were they were cooked. Meaning they weren't truly raw. I actually don't know for sure. I've asked the company if all their raw nuts are pasteurized but didn't hear back in time for this post. I would
assume yes, they're all pasteurized - just note that I am guessing. I do know, as they have confirmed, that the almonds are but that's pretty much a standard all the way around. I can understand why a company would pasteurize their products - whether it's liked or not. Anyway, we did use them for various recipes and salads and they were really good. Even shared some with a friend who also really liked them.

Oh Nuts! appears to offer a lot of great products on their website but they're mostly geared towards a non-raw foodie. Not that there's anything wrong with that. ;) However, they do have a pretty decent selection of raw nuts - just type in raw nuts in the search bar and you'll see. Now, I wish I tried some raw macs. You know those have got to be good!

Update: their raw walnuts are NOT pasteurized so they're truly raw. Gobble away!

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