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>> Friday, January 16, 2009

So I'm slowly getting back in action now that my computer is back up and running (thanks honey!). My hardrive died just before I started my Christmas vacation three weeks ago and then a cell tower near my home also died that I had intermittent (at best) internet on my phone so intentions of getting caught up on blogs was out the window. I used Sam's computer from time to time but I don't like having to use other people's stuff and take up their time so I wasn't online as much. I suppose this was a good thing of sorts. At times I did feel slightly disconnected from people/the world but it also was nice to not be so attached to my computer. Anyway, new hardrive is installed and all's well again.

In fact, on my vacation I had intentions of learning how to knit and/or crochet. I went out and bought all kinds of yarn and the basic tools but yeah....that stuff is still in the bag. I still plan on learning, maybe even take classes. If any of you know of good websites or tips for beginners, please let me know.

I did manage to make my own holiday cards and get them mailed out before Christmas. I started too late and discovered in the process of making them that the card I was making was a little more involved than I originally thought. Oh well. I think they came out alright. It's funny though when making them I wasn't as much of a perfectionist this time around. Normally, when I make my cards I want them p-e-r-f-e-c-t but I think being pregnant and tiring easily I just didn't have as much perfectionism in me. Hopefully no one noticed my mistakes. Now, I'm making the cutest Valentine's Day cards if I do say so myself. Each one is different. I should take a picture...if only I knew where my camera was. Honey?

I have a couple of product reviews I want to share with you but those will be separate posts. And, get this folks, one involves a GIVEAWAY! WOO HOO! Who doesn't like a contest?! No, it doesn't involve money or cars but it's really really good and it is HUGE! Huge in that you'll love it. And it's also a little big. I love oxymorons. So yeah, just a little tease. ;) Yardsnacker and I are teaming up on this one so lots of you can have a chance at this awesomely (is that a word?) cool giveaway. Stay tuned!

Oh and Debbie? No bikini shots of this gal! ha ha! Whoa. That would just be SCARY! Ah, my eyes! My eyes! So yeah, that won't be happenin'. I didn't wear a bikini before I got pregnant - I can't imagine the image now. hee hee!

I've been feeling baby boy's movements like crazy these days especially after I eat. Hopefully, they're love kicks like he's enjoying the food and not kicking me because he's not. I was just reading somewhere that he's now about 8 1/4 inches and weighs about 1 1/3 pounds. You'd think looking at me I was carrying a much bigger baby by now! I've stopped weighing myself because I just don't want to know. Ugh! It's all good though. It's been a great pregnancy thus far and it's so fun seeing and knowing others are pregnant right along with me, including my buddy Rawleen. And yes, I'll work on updated belly shots. Again, gotta find that camera.

Time to sign out. I've got to get caught up on my American Idol watching!! Yes, it's that time of year again. Anyway, you my dear friends, are truly wonderful supportive people. I'm especially grateful you're so forgiving and patient with me. Phew!

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