It's Spring!

>> Monday, September 20, 2010

Ha ha! No, it isn’t! When I step outside it’s very fall (a soggy one too) but I'm still seeing spring. What do I mean? Well…

Spring rolls, of course!

Okay, I’m a dork.

I love spring rolls though, with rice paper or collard greens. And I love that you can tailor them to whatever suits you. We start out with a yummy peanut sauce then layer on all sorts of veggies – typically broccoli, sweet bell pepper, zukes, carrots, cabbage, sweet onion and/or spring onions-ha! So whatever you've got and the more the bettah! Or however much you can get your wrap to hold. :)

I’ll admit mine don’t always come out pretty. Meaning, I won’t be winning any food presentation awards. They’re lumpy and bumpy (sometimes ripped - see the hole in it? And that one's just minor) thanks to the many veggies I put in them, especially the broccoli. But you know what? I don’t care. They’re just awesomely delicious! That’s all that matters really, right?

I thought about posting the peanut sauce recipe but wasn’t sure if that would be cool or not. I use my own adapted recipe from the one printed in the Becoming Raw book. What do you guys think about that usually? My thought is if it’s a recipe posted on someone’s blog I would show my adapted recipe with a link to the original source. But in the case of an actual published recipe I’m not sure what’s acceptable. So for now, I won't post it.

Now, how about adding a little spring to your step? (okay, that was cheesy too)

Pretty, IMO. If I could only find my camera’s battery charger I could take better pics but my cell phone will have to do. The orangey tinge goes with the juice though.

Made with apples (tis the season), sweet bell peppers, carrots, cucumber, and ginger. If I had parsley that would’ve made it even better I think. I tend to prefer my juices a little more sweet when first starting out but adding in some other greens would be nice too. It was tasty and a great kick-start to my day.

See so it's spring time for me!

Till next time,

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